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Thread: If your website is blocked at work

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    I used this to un-block this website at me Federal job:

    Dear Administrator:

    Recently, was blocked after being identifed as a chat website by the web blocking software. I am presenting information why should not be blocked. Although there are similarities to entertainment message boards, this website is actually an informational site for those who invest a percentage of Federal Government pay into the Thrift Savings Plan.

    Because the website's function is to inform those who have invested in Thrift Savings Plan, it is not unlike websites that inform government employees about other benefits, such as Health Benefits Plans. Recently, enabled those with TSP accounts to change allocations on a daily basis rather than a monthly basis.

    I am requesting that this website be taken off the list of blocked websites so that our agency's TSP investors can have the best information available when making changes to our investments.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Way to go Namor!

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    As the email alert list went over 5000 yesterday, I went in to do a little weeding of the blocked email addresses and I noticed my own work email address on that list, along with several other folks from my agency.

    I think I will be sending namor's message to my administrator. If you are not getting your email alerts, you may want to contact your administrator as well.

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