Does the Annual Addition limit end upon redeployment if the ROTH TSP max contribuiton from tax exempt dollars has been reached, or can the service member continue to contibute tax deferred dollars towards the traditional limit?

My interpretation of the TSP Rules for Deployment are as follows:
-Annual Additional Limit $52K (tax-deffered and tax-exempt).
-ROTH TSP and TRADITONAL DEFERRED Contributions cannot exceed $17.5K.
-There is no limit placed on Traditional TSP tax-exempt contributions (that I have read).

ASUMMING a military membtr is deployed JAN - DEC, all 12 months of the year, THEN:
-The service member can contribute up to $17.5K to ROTH TSP from tax exempt paya
-AND an additional $34.5K to Traditional TSP from tax exempt pay as well (as 17.5K + 34.5K = 52K).

ASSUMING a military member is deployed JAN - JUN and NOT deployed JUL - DEC, THEN:
-The service member can contribute up to $17.5K to ROTH TSP form tax exempt pay while deployed
-AND continue to contribute to a Traditional TSP from tax exempt pay while deployed. Let us use 10K for example.

-Upon redeployment, can the service member contribute to a tax deferred dollars to a Traditional TSP account upto 17.5K / elective defferal limit?

-since the service member reached the ROTH TSP limit from tax exempt dollars during deployment and is no longer deployed THEN the service member cannot make tax deferred contributions since the member is no longer deployed and therefore not covered by the annual addition limit?

The question is easy to answer when the Soldier is not deployed JAN-JUN and then deployed JUL-DEC.

Thank you for feedback.

r/ House of Ski