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    Greetings y'all!

    I'm new to the thread here. Did not really understand or care what a TSP is or the different funds it offers until 9 years after being in the entity. So I had been riding on the G fund at 3% for those 9 years without really understanding that you're able to allocate to the other funds. But just about a few months ago after the covid19 crash, I had just discovered on how to allocate the funds and setting the contribution to the traditional TSP to 5% which Uncle Sam is willing to match it. Hey, free money! But anyhow, I would like to share that I'm a high risk roller, so 50 C and 50 S fund!

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    Welcome to TSPTalk HeadNLice. This is a great place to learn, Members are willing to help each other, ask questions and get opinions! Best of luck with your TSP!
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    Welcome aboard. Ask lot's of questions.
    May the force be with us.

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    Welcome HeadNLice! Thanks for joining us!

    Best of luck!
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