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    Hey everyone, I've been aware of this site for a few years now, but haven't made the jump to joining until this past week. I'm on the cusp of hitting 10 years in federal service, looking to retire at my MRA (57), I saw another thread from last year from a guy very similar to me (9 years of service, with 24 years to go, I believe outby57 was the username), I've always monitored my TSP but never really made that many changes to it over the years. Lucky for me, I was brand new to ClubFed in 2008, and as such didn't have a ton of money in my TSP when everything plummeted. I'm coming off my best year in 2017, having made 20% (combo of L2050/C) and would love to continue hitting that rate of return (ROR), or at least double digits of some sort.

    I recently joined the AutoTracker and moved my $ into C/S funds (50/50), I missed out on the big month of May that the S fund had. I'm obviously hoping the S fund continues in that direction.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

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    Welcome! We all hope we can make double digits- but the plain fact is- over your career, if you can outpace the S&P500, you are already in a very select place. Not many can do that!

    Best of luck - and here is to hoping your dreams come true!

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    Welcome to the Forum djlc86, looks like you're ready to manage your TSP, that's good. We all have been where you're at today. Did you signup to the AutoTracker that's a handy tool and it's free? Check the home page for instructions.
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    Welcome djlc86! Nice to meet you and thanks for joining us!

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    djlc86, Welcome aboard. Looking foreword to more posts.
    May the force be with us.

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    Thanks for the warm greetings everyone! Seems like the Trump-Kim summit is being spun in a positive light so far, let's hope the markets reflect that!!

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    djlc86, welcome to the forum. Glad to see you posting. This is a great place to learn and participate.

    The AutoTracker is a great way to keep track of your IFTs and your rate of returns on those IFTs. Don't forget to register your IFT on the AutoTracker after doing so at TSP.

    Don't get too caught up on the news driven movements of the market. Those don't last long before they are corrected the other way. TSP is not a day trading account. We are only allowed two IFTs a month. Some people on here also list their trades outside of TSP and that would be a different story.

    Best wishes on all your investing and public service.
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