From mid-March. Always interesting one to listen to. Video link at bottom.
I don't deal with theories, I just deal with what's going to happen --Nenner
Deutsche Bank is the canary in the coal mine? Nenner says, “Definitely. If DB goes, I don’t know what all the other banks are going to do. . . . It looks like DB can go to zero. . . . Next step is $3.90. If it goes to that, it’s finished.”

DB is just one big bank in deep financial trouble, and it’s much bigger than just DB. Nenner says, “Other banks are also down 20%. Italian banks are very important. What happened in Italy? They closed everything down. There is no fashion business anymore. There is no car business anymore. There is nothing going on. How do you think these banks are going to make it?”

Nenner says he is forecasting a banking crisis, and the tip of the iceberg is Deutsche Bank. Nenner says, “They are interconnected to all the other banks in Europe. I don’t know how the other banks can survive if this bank gets into trouble.”

He gives some forecasts about how to handle a market rally at around 11:25.