I agree with the Schiff here.

Bitcoin has no value. It has no use. Eventually the supply of fools will run out and there will be a bagholder. There are two kinds of people investing in bitcoin - those who don't know it's a bubble and don't know it's worthless. Then there are those who do know but don't care because they think they're going to get out at the top. People expect that every time it crashes it will come back.

CNBC is bought and sold by Grayscale, their biggest advertiser. They have to keep touting it to make it go up.

No earnings. Doesn't produce anything. Everyone who owns it has an incentive to talk more people into it so they have more people to drive the price up.

Anyone who thinks they are getting in on a ground floor now are wrong, the early investors will be rich, but this is how bubbles end.