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    Paul Tudor Jones sees the S&P 500 plunging 25% if Warren elected, jumping another 15% on Trump

    Jones says that an internal poll at his investment firm found that employees believe the S&P 500 could swoon to 2,250 if Warren comes out on top.

    “As an investor, you have to have a view on the election because the outcomes are so extreme,” he said from the Greenwich Economic Forum.

    The same Tudor survey found that the firm expected the stock market to rally about 15% to 3,600 if Trump secures a second term.

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    Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones gets emotional about his daughter getting coronavirus


    Paul Tudor Jones on CNBC got personal about his daughter’s recovery from the coronavirus and how he aims to help New York City’s most vulnerable denizens.

    While describing his analysis of the coronavirus outbreak, Tudor Jones shared his daughter’s experience.

    He also talked about Robin Hood, an organization he founded to fight poverty in New York City, and its plan for a coronavirus “virtual benefit.”


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