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Thread: Get Rid of the "Crap" on Your PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scout333 View Post
    Hello Board Computer Gurus, My wife and I are in the market for a new computer. Any suggestions for a good value? I like Dell but they're a little pricy. I have a Compaq/HP at work which is decent. We don't play games, etc. mainly just Internet and email. The old one still works but is pretty slow (8 years old). We do work from home some. Also, thoughts on Windows 7? Am thinking about getting the Professional version to use Office XP more easily as I understand the Home version of Windows 7 doesn't play well with Office XP. Thanks for your advice!
    As far as a recommendation for a computer computer Dell and HP are about the same. At the USAF Base where I work they offer computer software for home use at a cut price. We can get Symantec Antivirus (Norton) and others FREE. they also offer Microsoft Office Pro, you just pay shipping $21, now that's a deal. The new version should work fine with Windows 7.
    If you work for DOD check the Base home Page for:
    Software for Home Use

    Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)

    As part of a new offering from Microsoft, you are eligible to participate in the Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of some Microsoft Office desktop applications to install and use on your home computer. The current cost for shipping and handling within the United States is $21.95. Contractors are eligible to purchase software.

    The following licenses are now available under the HUP:
    - Office Enterprise Edition 2007
    - Project Standard 2007
    - Visio Professional 2007
    - SharePoint Designer 2007

    You are eligible to order Office 2007, although, you already ordered an earlier copy of Office Pro 2003.

    For each product eligible for the Home Use Program for which you are a licensed user with active Software Assurance coverage, you may order a single copy of that product to install and use on a home computer. You may continue using this HUP software while you are under our employment and as long as the software
    you use at work has active Software Assurance coverage. To access the Microsoft Home Use Program
    web site, please follow the steps below:

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    Norm Thanks for reminding me about the HUP program. We have it ,too. I found an old email about it from last year. That will save some $$.

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    Only $9.95 now and you can download direct to your PC.

    Now you can use Microsoft® Office Enterprise 2007 at home. It’s easier to get organized and complete projects with programs you already know and trust. Enter your work email address and find out if you qualify to purchase: This is a good thing to have installed as well.
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    If anybody doesnt have it yet, get it. WINDOWS 7...I am a believer. MIRCOsoft finally got it right. At Least I think.

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    Fellow TSP'rs, Anyone having problems with getting the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to update. Mine keeps failing to update. I've tried Microsoft's suggestions but so far no luck?

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    I haven't tried it.
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    No problems with windows 7, my agency makes MSOffice 2010 available for next to nothing through an ITS help desk ticket, I paid a few bucks extra to ship the hard copy, they make great shiny coasters and tree ornaments.

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