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    Real estate trusts must distribute 90% of their taxable earnings to existing shareholders. If you are looking for dividends then check out OPI, which company are primary leased to government tenants. So this is very safe (unless government is no longer operate) to own for long term to place in IRA . OPI with current dividend yield is at 7.89%. I own it in both of my IRA and ROTH IRA. This stock alone will be suffice to support 6% annual distribution for retirement without touching the original balance.

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    Definitely a play on people returning to the office, which I'm not too keen about, particularly in government work. There will always be a need for offices, but probably not as much as years past. I can see a move to shared communal office areas where one person works one day and another works the next.

    One of our office facilities people was telling me before the shutdowns that our office size would never be approved today and that the next office (if we move) will likely be a downsize.

    I have always wondered why it isn't widely recommended to have a large portion of an IRA in REIT's. If you have enough diversification (ETF) you could maintain a good 4% or more return while in retirement without having to worry too much about the stock market.


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