Happy Hour Tuesday, April 19, 2011

  1. FAB1
    Hello, Happy people!

    Because of the "format" of these groups if Happy Hour becomes very popular I think we are going to use and discard a lot of discussion threads.

    So I thought it might be good to post a dated thread just as a gathering place for whoever may come on a given evening. Anybody in the Group can start the dated thread, anytime they like.

    But this doesnt prevent you from posting any other discussions you want to - things are free and easy here, just make yourself at home.

    I am going away for a minute and will check back in soon.
  2. FAB1
    IM back and Im going away again. Check back later.
  3. jpcavin
    I posted something earlier and I don't see it. Not sure what happened to it???
    Sorry, but got a sick kid and can't really participate as planned.
  4. burrocrat
    The concert tonight included "The Wackadoo Zoo, by Jill Gallina.

    "Now a classic for early grades, this musical features mixed-up, but happy animals who make the wrong sounds. Cows that say meow, lions that crow, monkeys that bray, etc. A Professor of Linguistics tries to straighten them out, with hilarious results. They all learn a valuable lesson about the importance of being unique and special. The clever rhyming dialogue is simple to learn and the six delightful songs are arranged for unison voices."

    Mine was a pig who neighed like a horse.
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