Its lonley so somebody keep me company!

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  1. FAB1
    What a way to start a group - Well, my experience is limited in this area
    so lets hope that it only gets better from here!
  2. FAB1
    Guess before the masses start flooding the place I better lay down some necessary rules for this joint...

    RULE #1 - Obey All Rules!
  3. jpcavin
    Thanks for taking the initiative. Hope some more insane people join. I needed to take a break from counting all my money.
  4. FAB1
    Hope some more insane people join

    There you go now. We cant discriminate against the sane.
    This is an equal opportunity group. All are welcome. Just please, dont
    forget Rule # 1.

    Rule # 2 Will be forthcoming, in fact anybody want to write that one?
  5. burrocrat
    Man, it took me forever to find the little button at the bottom that said 'join group'.
  6. FAB1
    Ah, welcome to TSP Happy Hour Burro.

    Little button, little button?? What button?

    Maybe that issue is what is keeping membership down...

    If the current membership isnt too occupied with other things I say
    we meet here this evening, not sure of your TZ's, say around 8 or 9

    If others see we actually post here maybe they will want to join in?
  7. jpcavin
    8 of 9 EST? Just pick one and stick with it. I'm central so I know it equates to 7 or 8 for me.
  8. FAB1
    Ok 8:00 EST.
  9. jpcavin
    I meant pick one time zone. LOL. I probably won't log on until 8:30 EST. Gotta get the kids to bed.
  10. KevinD
    Is PUI allowed?

    (PUI=posting under the influence)
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