Getting Intrepid Timer Alerts through the Message Board

Intrepid Timer will be posting his signal changes in a thread in his Premium Talk Forum (

You will be able to subscribe to this thread and receive an email alert with the system signal change when he posts to this account. Make sure the email address on file with the message board is where you want these alerts sent. (See USERCP to update your address).

By posting his moves in this new thread (, it will help those of you who are unable to get to to see my posted signal change on my commentary page.

Once you get to that thread, Intrepid_Timer has posted instructions on how to subscribe to this new signal thread.

He will also be posting before 11:30am whether or not he gets a signal change.

PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THAT THREAD! Subscribers can post comments in his Premium Account Talk Thread:

Frequently Asked Email Alert Questions: