So- the "Consolidated Appropriations Bill", which is the Omnibus to get the rest of government funded after Friday, was just posted last night at this web address, for anybody who wants to review and read a LOT of stuff.

Near the bottom of that page is:  a link to the 1,169 page bill that is the actual bill to be voted on in the House shortly; and also alink to a 600+ page explanation of what is in the bill.

Now, I've only had an hour or so to browse through it, but it APPEARS to contain a overall GS pay system increase of 1.9%, effective as of the FIRST FULL PAY PERIOD in January.; EXCEPT that the exact language that i THOUGHT would be in there granting the 1.9%, isn't actually there.  It's convoluted around, and so I cannot say for SURE exactly WHERE in the bill the 1.9% pay raise is for GS people.  I found several references to it for Executives, and for special rate of pay people.  Just not the text I was looking for to extend that to the GS pay tables. However, the reporters are saying several Congress people have said it's in there, so I am going with that.

Now, I also see several times where The House Conference ended up using the HIGHER budget numbers passed in the Senate, above what the budget numbers were proposed in the President's budget.   So that means MORE MONEY for most agencies than they are expecting. (Especially since it's already February now).   So I am thinking we're going to get that "GO SPEND" order sooner this year.)

Have fun browsing

Here again is the link:&nbsp;<br><br>