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I didn't know that.

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Stock symbols= for Medical Marijuana stocks--

How about these:

OTC: MJNA (Medical Marijuana, Inc)

OTC: HESG (Health Sciences Group, Inc.)

Press release this week: "Health Sciences Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HESG) would like to announce that its lawyer Mr. Robert Young is aggressively seeking realtors in the Los Angeles area to open up Health Sciences offices. The company intends on pursuing with new consultant agreement under Marijuana Inc. a joint venture to market management services."

OTC: CBIS ( Cannibas Sciences, Inc.)
Today I saw a message asking about investing in Medical Marijuana. I thought it was a joke. Apparently not.

A quick search pulled up at least three fairly new companies.


Well, I guess--- times, they are a changin.

Looking at the actual financial numbers of all three didn't leave me impressed, but I guess I better start watching a little closer for some opportunities out there.

Heck- maybe one of these just might hit new 52 week high soon, you know?

That ought to be nice fodder for the evening news stock recaps.

Maybe Cramer will chill out....

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