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    Dust Bowl Revival again...

    ...another one that appears to be on their upcoming new album..."I Wake Up At night" ! Can't wait to see them incorporate the rest of the band into these songs, but I gotta admit...I'd pay for it "as is" ...


    "Too old to rock and roll...too young to die"... - I. Anderson

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    oops. i just replied to myself. doh!
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    [QUOTE=konakathy;619469]Hey Nnut - I did try quite a few different brands of whiskey in Ireland but I’m not a drinker, so I couldn’t tell you which was the best. My whiskey choice was Jameson and it was either with ginger ale and lime or in an Irish coffee.
    But I did take a liking to Guinness ... MUCH better in Ireland than in the States.

    Stoplight - did you plan your trip to China yet? I had a great time. Enjoyed the people, culture and the food. spicy!!! Lordy, Lordy! I like spicy, but, wow!

    TSProulette - thanks! I’ll try to stop by more. Hope you’re doing well. I’m planning a trip to Spain this fall. Any tips appreciated. I’d love to hear some traditional spanish guitar.
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    I've never been to Ireland but am part Irish. Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch is my favorite but Normally drink American Whiskey and Coke. Tried Guinness stout when in Scotland and liked it, rich! I've spent a lot of time in Spain but mostly in the south east, Cadiz is a wonderful place to go if you like Spanish Guitar and Flamenco dancing. Met my wife when I was over there working on Nuclear Submarines in Rota. Beer, Rum and Coke and wine! The City is the Oldest Continually inhabited city in western Europe, for over 3,000 years there has been a city there!! They found a Roman Coliseum under the old city, but can't dig it up because it's UNDER the CITY!! My wife lived there. They did excavate a Roman amphitheatre, it's amazing.
    I think it's a great place to go!

    Turismo - Ayuntamiento de Cádiz | Teatro Romano
    Crude Oil 04/12/2019
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    Just a quick tribute for Jan Michael Vincent RIP. Grew up watching Airwolf.

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    This song with to the moon on cassette tape during Apollo 11.

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