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    This is probably my favorite geeky music video. It's the song from one of the Geico commercials (where caveman is in airport). I just like the way it presents everything. It makes me feel like I just learned a bunch about the world. It also inspires me to find better ways at presenting information.

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    My favorite stupid-funny video ... I have no idea why ... but they make me laugh.

    Ladies and Gentlemen ... I give you "Korean Madness"! (these girls are so cool)

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    Great one, Dodge Em'! Those girls are nuts.

    I also love watching the crazy pranks that Brazilians pull. Just search for pegadinha. Here's one where the guy is in a wheelchair and asks people to help him across the street:

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    Since we are posting foreign vids ... here's another one.

    I'm makes you thik twice about going Commando at one of those Day-Spas in Japan.

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    Kinda like Feb 27th.

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    LOL! I love those Japanese pranks.

    Here's a quick (45 seconds) animation on a quick way to open most locks:

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    These quadruplet babies are cracking me up! It makes me really miss my kids:

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    I think I saw those laughing babbies in AFV once upon a time. Ohh, and the lock picking Vid ... that makes you think twice about getting a pit-bull!!!

    Here's one of my favorites ... dedicated to all those that have 8th graders.

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    Some British Humor.

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    Hilarious! I'm hooked on Carol Beer now.

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    There is one episode where her computer says yes ... very odd.

    Overall, Carol Beer is probably the only Character that is "Some What" PC in that show.

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    Cool vid of aircraft landings. It is claimed that its crosswinds but I think its testing of yaw controll.

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