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Thread: January Correction???

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    Thoughts on the correction happening next week with the swearing in ceremony and some big earnings reported.

    Moved everything over to 'G' right now and will wait to see how January looks ... could be a late correction this year so planning on being in 'G' for a while. Will be swinging some microcaps to make up for the move.

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    Who'd have thought markets would finish positive on the day of the Capital incident?

    You never know what markets will interpret as bullish/bearish.

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    Rule of thumb for last 4 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsptalk View Post
    Rule of thumb for last 4 years?

    That chart is nasty. I decided to move my 2020 gains + 15% into G/F. I still have C/S/I positions but Ill hedge my bets a bit with this move. Im willing to miss some gains on that amount for the next week or so. If a correction doesnt happen, I just dont know what to think of this market at all.


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