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Thread: Vaccine rally?

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    Default Vaccine rally?

    I thought it was the Fed, who said GDP could be -30%, triggering today's rally but now I see they are saying the Moderna vaccine trials are going well.

    Stocks rallied on Monday, rebounding from losses last week, as news from a Moderna trial stoked optimism about a potential coronavirus vaccine.

    Moderna reports positive data on early-stage coronavirus vaccine trial, shares surge
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    Default Re: Vaccine rally?

    There goes that 61.8% Fibonacci retracement that everyone thought would be a major barrier. NDX looking to close that gap higher sooner than later.

    It's a very hated bull market climbing a wall of worry. You'd think right now the needle would be in the green.


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    Default Re: Vaccine rally?

    I don’t buy it (either one!).
    I sold all my TSP equity funds.
    I also sold off part of my Bitcoin (GBTC) and part of my Tesla (TSLA).
    I may be wrong, but I think this was a suckers rally. Time will tell.
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