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  1. Thanks for the warning/heads up. I'm mainly using this website to better track my TSP returns (daily, weekly, monthly, year). I also plan to use the info/discussions/trading on the website to help guide my decisions but I definitely don't plan on making investment decisions by blindly following other's trading patterns.

    I know I'll never be in the top 10 because I plan on accurately reflecting my real TSP account and it seems the only way to get big gains is to be 100% invested in one or two funds at a time (big risk big gain).

    I will always appreciate any thoughts, recommendations, or news that you would like to share.
    It's nice to be a new member of this community.
  2. Hey, I am number 4 on the tracker by pure luck. Don't follow my moves or you may regret it. Or I should say, follow at your own risk.
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