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  1. okay - Thanx for the information.
    I have used the % increase on occasion in the regular funds; and one of the other guys suggested that was what you were probably doing with the L funds; having something in there that you could increase as needed.
  2. Hi Grandma...I do it more out of habit and my lingering disdain for the TSP board for locking us out after 2 IFTs. At least I feel I have a little more control and can allow for about a 5% every other day increase in equities. I dont track each L fund. Just my daily % increase/decrease in overall balance. Note that though you may have an, i.e. 2.00% balance in any fund showing on your accouint, it might actually be 2.005%, in which case you could round up to 3.00%. Just have to enter allocation and see if it works.
  3. Futurestrader - you are doing well, and I congratulate you.
    It had been mentioned to me before about putting a small % into an L fund or two so that I could incorporate the <1% for a higher return when I am oo IFT's. I have noticed it is your habit to keep 2-3 in them. It seems to be working for you; I am wondering how you came to the decision to do that.

    I am also curious as to how you would put this into a spreadsheet....

    Obviously Tom has it worked into the Tracker, but I mean, so that you can look at it and see exactly what each of the L's have done for you, in addition to the equities.

    Keep up the Good Reading on what-to-do-next !!!

    Thank you - grandma
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