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  1. Kevin, thank you for the link - Clay has a good variety of information, and the photos are wonderful! Blacksmithing is alive & well, even out in the ranching/farming lands of eastern Washington state - the guys sculpture stuff for the towns, parks, schools, etc. Tell me, for your show next month, just which of the cooking tools are you going to fashion? Anyway, thanx for the update...I am going to forward the `cool apps' page to a grandson that is in digital designing...
  2. Kevin - has your son done any more writing? I hope in the busy-ness of his life, that he doesn't `grow away' from it...
  3. KevinD - I missed sending you a birthday greeting last month - I wasn't around. I hope it was a great day for you ! I see nnutt got you a cake !!
    You are right between my two middle kids '58 & '60. It just gets better !
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