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  1. Hello Vr4,

    Thank you for your interest in my daily posts. I do not offer any services. I am really only on this board to offer insight on financial markets in general; mostly to those who are trying to understand the financial landscape. I seek no gain. The information I do post is very limited; largely because this platform is just too unwieldy to properly inform the viewership. My perspective is shaped by years of investigative research; research that is not taught in most, if any, universities or colleges. But getting back to your question, I recommend taking a look at the Premium services that TSP Talk offers. They are tailored to TSP investing. Good luck!!
  2. Do you offer any consultation services? I have a horrible return in my TSP * < 2%.

    I follow your posts and would love to pick your brain for just a few minutes and get a understanding of what exactly good TSP investing looks like.

    Happy to pay for your time as well.

    Thank you.
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