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    Anyone read Dale Brown's new book- A Time For Patriots. I'm reading it now. Very interesting!

    "When the stock markets crash and the U.S. economy falls into a crippling recession, everything changes for newly elected president Kenneth Phoenix. Politically exhausted from a bruising and divisive election, Phoenix must order a series of massive tax cuts and wipe out entire cabinet-level departments to reduce government spending.

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    Default Re: A Time For Patriots accurate is it? ....Does he realize that the only reason that DoE still exists as a seperate Agency because someone has to manage all the old locations of Govt owned nuclear plants (anyone want to buy the site where the first uranium to fissionable material plant was located?? Can't even give it away). And some of the big bureaucrat messes like Commerce (Caveat: I'm only using it because I work there and know more about the functions of it than anywhere else.) have functions like NOAA and Patents and Trademarks, and the Census itself, which still have to go somewhere if we go away?

    If so, sounds facinating!
    "All the prophets of Doom, Can always find room, In a world full of worry and fear..." - Protest Song, Monty Python

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    Default Re: A Time For Patriots accurate is it?
    Silver, Just getting started. Amazing sometimes how close fiction is to truth or as it would be if you accept their premise. Heavy recession requiring serious action to save the country? Hmmm... That sounds familiar!



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