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  1. TSP Talk: Credit Suisse adds to the banking issues

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Wednesday after the Saudi National Bank, Credit Suisse’s largest investor, said that it could not provide additional funding for the struggling bank. We did see a move off the lows after the Swiss Central Bank said Credit Suisse was well capitalized and would step in if necessary. So, we saw some mixed results in the US indices in a day that was looking a lot worse in the morning. The Dow gave back 281 of the 338-points it gained on Tuesday while the Nasdaq ...
  2. TSP Talk: No surprises with the CPI, the market approves

  3. TSP Talk: Fed contains bank run, but now faces CPI

  4. TSP Talk: Inflation and bank failures makes the Fed's job tough

    The stock market threw a curve at investors last week. While we were all worried about the jobs report, this week's CPI, and how the Fed will react, we got the announcement of the 2nd largest bank failure in US history in Silicon Valley Bank. The early March losses have disappeared with the 2% to 8% losses last week in the TSP stock funds as this Black Swan hit the market. The funds do remain positive for the year but those gains do feel tenuous at this point. Bonds rallied as yields pulled ...
  5. TSP Talk: Stocks tumble into important jobs report

    Stocks imploded on Thursday, the day before today's key employment report. Whenever we see a big move before a key report I also think of two possibilities: Did the report data get leaked somehow, or was the influential money on Wall Street trying to shake out mom and pop investors before the report - because it may be better than most think? The sell off also had a lot to do with the crash-like action in the financial stocks after SVB regional bank fell 60% on the day. The Dow lost 544-points ...
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