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  1. TSP Talk: The rotational rally continues

    Stocks were mostly higher on Friday while bonds pulled back. The Dow gained 165-points and led on the upside with a 0.48% gain. Large tech, and more so the small caps, lagged on the day, but all the TSP stock funds added about a percent and a half of gains last week. Bond yields look ready to move higher again and that could be a test for stocks this week.

  2. TSP Talk: Strong economic data sends stocks up... yields down?

    Stocks moved higher on Thursday after a couple of very strong economic reports were released - initial jobless clams and retail sales. However the futures were rallying most of the night before so there must have been something more to it. The Dow gained 305-points and while the rally was fairly broad across many indices, internally it was suspect. Small caps battled back from some early losses to follow through on Wednesday's relative strength. Bonds had an interesting rally with yields dropping ...
  3. TSP Talk: Stocks finally exhale for a day

    It was another rotational day for stocks yesterday as the indices were mixed yet again. We saw early gains fade and some indices did well while others suffered. The Dow gained 54-points, which was almost 200-points off the highs, and the Nasdaq lost 1% (1.3% on the Naz 100.) On the other hand the small caps of the Russell 2000 rebounded after a week or so of pulling back.

  4. TSP Talk: Small caps struggling. Double top for Nasdaq

    Stocks opened lower yesterday after the FDA announced that it is pausing the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, but as the day wore on the news of benign inflation Consumer Price report came out and helped push prices higher. The Dow lost 68-points but the broader indices performed quite well, although a late dip took them off their highs.

  5. TSP Talk: More quiet choppy action before bank earnings

    Both the bulls and the bears took shots at the indices yesterday, and by the bell both were left standing in basically a draw, but the bears may have landed a few more punches as we saw a little more red than green. The Dow lost 55-points while the S&P 500 and small caps were flat. Bonds were flat as well. The Nasdaq lagged with a modest loss.

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