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  1. TSP Talk: A bounce on Friday, plus TSP is shutting down soon

    We had a rare sighting of a bull in this bear market on Friday. It is remains bull hunting season so we could see them go into hiding again unless the bears need to take a break to gather more ammunition and supplies for the next next attempt to catch a horned wall hanger. OK, I'm not a hunter so the terminology may not be correct, but you get the point. After Friday's big rally, the bulls may have some fun for a couple of days, but the bears may be back for another go round at pushing the indices ...
  2. TSP Talk: A late rally saves the day

    We had some steep losses heading into the final hour of trading on Thursday but stocks bounced late to salvage a mixed and somewhat flat day, and unfortunately for the bulls, that's been about as good as it has been for them lately. The Dow lost 104-points after being down more than 600 at the lows. The Nasdaq squeezed into positive territory while the beleaguered small caps actually had a good day gaining 1.4%, but that is barely noticeable on the beaten down S-fund chart. Bonds rallied and ...
  3. TSP Talk: Another failed rally as CPI came inline with estimates

    Stocks gave up some early gains as the bearish activity continues with more selling after an initial bounce off the CPI report. The Dow gave up a triple digit gain to close down 327-points with Apple's 5% loss being a drag on most of the major indices. Bonds were up as the yield on the 10-yer Treasury fell back below 3%. Oil and the metals were up, while bitcoin continues to slide lower.

  4. TSP Talk: Choppy day as sellers slow, but buyers remain shy

    A couple of bounce attempts failed yesterday, but so did the bears as we finally saw a little green in some of the indices. Obviously stocks won't go down every day even in the worst of bear markets, but the question we all have is, what kind of bounce will we see once we get a taste of a low? 2 - 3 day bounces often fail in bear markets but there is also the possibility for a tremendous move higher, even if it only last a few days. You just have to go back to the Covid Crash chart to see some ...
  5. TSP Talk: Everything was down (except bonds)

    Another bloodbath on Wall Street with deep losses across the board and every intraday attempt at a bounce was quickly sold as we start to see some panicky activity from investors. The Dow lost 2% but the Nasdaq and small caps continue to take the brunt of the beating. We finally saw investors run for yield and buy bonds, and that's a sign of fear, but it's interesting that other safe havens like gold and silver, sold off sharply as well.

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