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  1. TSP Talk: Dead cat bounce or is the low in?

    Stocks bounced back on Tuesday after the positive reversal day on Monday, so the action was typical, but the question of course is whether this cements in a low for this recent pullback, or if the market is just rebounding to fill in some open gaps on the chart, and / or if new overhead resistance will keep the downtrend alive. The Dow ended the day up 140-points and there was green almost across the board, and that ended a 4-day losing streak for the S&P 500.

  2. TSP Talk: Breakdown

    Stocks gapped open lower on Monday. I often say that we can't always trust Monday morning gaps, especially the ones on the downside, but yesterday's morning's selling and lack of dip buying in that first hour of trading made the sell-off look pretty serious. The fact that the losses were still fairly stiff into the close in most indices, despite the reversal, is a tell that this was not one of those gaps to dismiss. The Dow lost 510-points, well off the lows like so many indices, but the charts ...
  3. TSP Talk: Bulls are put to the test to start the week

    Another expiration week ends with a thud as stocks tumble after a positive open on Friday. This is a tough month for stocks historically and the bears are keeping that reputation alive as the S&P 500 closes negative for a third straight week. The small caps had other ideas as we saw the S-fund end the week with a solid 2.85% gain and lost just 0.27% on Friday while the S&P and Nasdaq each lost over 1%. There was an afternoon push higher but the Dow closed down 245-points.

  4. TSP Talk: The bears sense an opportunity. Bulls look for support

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Thursday and an initial attempt by the bulls to erase those losses fell short, then the selling resumed into the afternoon. A late rally helped push the indices off their lows, and more importantly, holding some of them above key support levels. The Transports came all the way back to break even on the day and closed right near their all time high, while tech took the biggest hit yesterday. The Dow, down 384-poins at the lows, close down 130.

  5. TSP Talk: Fed dovish, but investors take profits

    The Fed brought some volatility to the table as the indices were all over the place on Wednesday. After a big bounce off the recent lows, investors took some profits after the very dovish Fed meeting / policy statement. That's not unusual, but we did see some negative short-term technical hiccups on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq charts. However, if we look outside of large cap tech sector, the broader market actually did rather well. The Dow gained 37-points and S-fund, which contains most U.S. ...
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