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  1. Trade rumor triggers rally

    Stocks posted a big positive reversal day yesterday as the volatility continued on Wall Street. The Dow, down nearly 300-points early on Thursday, rally back to close up 209-points. The broader indices performed even better with gains over 1% in many including a 1.7% gain in the Nasdaq, a 1.5% gain for the Transports, and a 1.3% gain for our small cap fund.

  2. Gap filled in S&P. Do we need to see a test of the lows?

    Stocks had another wild Wednesday yesterday as stocks opened sharply higher once again, but the selling started almost immediately taking a 200+ point gain in the Dow to a 300-point loss at the day's lows. There was a big afternoon rally from about 2 PM ET until 3 PM that took the Dow up 300-points off those lows and nearly into positive territory, but it started to fade again in the last hour of trading. The losses weren't terrible, but more demoralizing to the bulls who ...
  3. Falling oil prices adding to the questions for this market

    Stocks gave us a little bit of everything on Tuesday. We saw an early rally fail, but it bounced back to new intraday highs about an hour later, only to fail again. The Dow ended the day down 101-points while the broader indices were closer to flat with the S&P losing 0.15% and small caps just barely negative.

  4. Investors run for cover

    Stocks were hit hard on Monday and we saw some technical damage done to the charts in the process. The Dow lost 602-points on the day and we saw losses of up to 2% - 3% in many indices. Volume was not too bad for a day that was a holiday with the bond market closed. Once the bond market opens on Tuesday we may either get a conformation of the weakness, or a bounce back since the bond market is the one that usually calls the shots over the stock market.

    I didn't post a daily ...
  5. If you made an IFT on Monday 11/12...

    I'm not 100% certain what the TSP is planning to do with IFT's done on Monday 11/12. Normally holidays do not get an updated price, even on days when the stock market is open, but we may get one for Monday based on the wording of TSP's message down below in the quote.

    But then the question will be, did your IFT get processed using Monday's COB prices or not.

    So, if you made an IFT on Monday 11/12 can you please let us know (with certainty) that you bought or sold on ...
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