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  1. TSP Talk: Pre / post Fed rally tries to fill open gaps

    The Fed rarely fails to give the market what it wants, but investors have come to understand this and so this year we have seen rallies heading into the FOMC meetings. This time we had a pullback in the days leading up to the meeting, but there was a buying frenzy yesterday before the Fed's policy statement was delivered. Once the policy was announced we got the usual volatility, but the indices closed right about where they were before the announcement. Yes, it was a bullish move, but technically ...
  2. TSP Talk: All eyes on Fed after fading follow through

    The good news is, stocks didn't rollover for a second straight day and actually held up well. The bad news is, the highs were made right after the opening bell and decent morning gains turned into small gains to small losses, so there was no upside follow through to Monday's positive reversal action. Small caps and the I-fund did well, but like other indices, they both have some work to do on the charts to improve the technical picture. Bonds were flat and the dollar was down, while gold and ...
  3. TSP Talk: Chinese Evergrande tanks our markets?

    Stocks stumbled on wall of worry on Monday after news that a large Chinese real estate company may default on their debt, and it seemed to be the straw that broke the back of the market after several smaller issues chipped away for a few weeks. The Dow lost 614-points, well off the nearly 1000 points it was down at the lows, so dip buyers didn't stay away for too long, but now we find out if the bears are in a position to sell the rallies in this new downtrend. Bonds and the dollar were up. ...
  4. TSP Talk: S&P 500 suffers 2nd straight losing week

    Stocks were down on Friday capping a second straight losing week for the S&P 500. The Dow lost 166-points on Friday, or 0.48%, and small caps held up well with just a minor loss in the S-fund, and the Russell 2000 was actually positive. The S&P and Nasdaq lost 0.91%, and if you're an optimist you may look at this coming week as a bullish opportunity since there have not been three down weeks in a row all year in the S&P. Bonds were down (yields up) and the dollar rallied adding that ...
  5. TSP Talk: What happened to the GDP?

    Another very whippy day for stocks as the quadruple witching expiration draws nearer. Stocks opened higher on Thursday, but the bears did make a move in early trading, pushing the indices uncomfortably lower before they bottomed about 11 AM ET. The bulls took over from there with just a small blip lower toward the end of the trading session. The Dow lost 63-points, but it had been down over 200points at the lows. The Nasdaq posted a modest gain, as did the small caps of the S-fund. The big ...
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