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  1. April Jobs Report

    April’s expected hiring boom goes bust as nonfarm payroll gain falls well short of estimates

    Hiring was a huge letdown in April, with nonfarm payrolls increasing by a much less than expected 266,000 and the unemployment rate rose to 6.1% amid an escalating shortage of available workers.

    Dow Jones estimates had been for 1 million new jobs and an unemployment rate of 5.8%.

    There was more bad news: March’s originally estimated total of 916,000 was revised
  2. TSP Talk: An early sell off turns into positive reversal day

    Stocks experienced a big positive reversal day yesterday after more selling to start the day, but they bottomed in late morning, and buyers really showed in the final hour of trading. The Dow gained 318-points, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, which were both red for most of the day, closed with solid gains in front of today's jobs report. Small caps were having an awful day but closed well off the lows to post just a moderate loss. Bonds were up again despite the strong jobless claims report ...
  3. TSP Talk: A quiet dip remains in progress

    Stocks were mixed again on Wednesday after a strong open but some selling as the day wore on. The Dow gained 97-points and the S&P 500 was up slightly, but once again the Nasdaq and the small caps struggled and closed the day on the downside. Bonds were up, the dollar was flat, and the I-fund led the TSP funds with a strong gain.

  4. TSP Talk: Interest rate scare from Yellen sends stocks down

    Stocks were mixed again on Tuesday with Dow able to close with a small gain of 20-points, but clearly the bears took some control, at least in the first half of the day, and shook up the growth sector pushing the Nasdaq and its large tech stocks down for a 1.9% loss, and small caps losing 1.4%. The S&P 500 battled back some from a 1% plus decline to lose 0.68% on the day. Bonds and the dollar were up.

  5. TSP Talk: A positive, but mixed start to May

    Stocks were mixed, but mostly higher on Monday, the first trading day in May. The Dow gained 238-points, but we did see some weakness in the Nasdaq and the small caps. The I-fund got a boost from a negative reversal in the dollar yesterday - after Friday's big rally that triggered a big sell off in the I-fund. Bonds were slightly positive after giving away bigger early gains.

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