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  1. TSP Talk: Morning rally turns sour

    Stocks opened higher on Thursday after the PPI report was released, but sellers stepped up later in the morning to flip the recent relief rally on its head. The Dow lost 177-points, which was only 0.49%, but the broader indices were clobbered. Tech stocks in the Nasdaq and growth stocks in the small caps were all hit hard. Bonds were down but closed off their lows, as yields eased slightly.

  2. TSP Talk: Is the relief rally running out of steam?

    Yesterday was a day of digesting the recent rally, but the bulls did hold onto modest gains into the close. Some indices hit resistance and slowed a bit, but that's not unusual on the first push higher. The problem is, they can't stop here or the bears will likely show up again. The Dow closed with a gain of 38-points but maybe the biggest move yesterday came from the dollar, which broke down.

  3. TSP Talk: A successful turnaround - so far

    Monday was the real turnaround day but Turnaround Tuesday was also living up to its name as the Dow, down 300 at one time yesterday, ended the day up 183-points. It was also the first positive close for the S&P 500 since the first trading day of the year. The dollar was down sharply pushing prices up almost across the board. Bonds were up as well for a change as yields slipped from recent highs.

  4. TSP Talk: Monday acted more like a Turnaround Tuesday

    It was looking like we could have some kind of black Monday in stocks when the opening bell rang yesterday, but the lows of the day were made within about the first 30-minutes of trading, and the buying, which you can't always trust if it starts too early, persisted into the close. We saw mixed but mostly negative returns yesterday (although the Nasdaq was green) but the 2% to 3% rally off the lows was impressive. Yields were up again, but they closed off the highs so bonds were down just modestly. ...
  5. TSP Talk: Rough start to 2022

    Stocks started Friday with some gains after a weaker than expected jobs report, although the unemployment rate fell further than expected and wages were up more than expected, and that started the inflation concerns again. By the close the bears took over and the indices posted some moderate losses. Large tech continues to struggle with interest rate hikes looming, and the I-fund has been holding up best over the last several weeks. Bond were sold again as yields continue to move higher.
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