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  1. Volaility peaking - big reversal on Friday

    The volatility continued on Friday with a big rally to start the day that completely failed, but revived itself by mid-afternoon. We had a "V" reversal on the intraday chart, now the bulls are hoping for a "V" reversal on the daily chart, but the bears may not be that quick to give up. The Dow gained 287-points on the day, but it took a lot of detours to get there. The small caps and I-fund lagged again while tech stocks ...
  2. Sell-off continued Thursday - where's the bottom?

    It was another turbulent day on Wall Street yesterday with the Dow losing another 546-points. That was actually off the -699 lows, but the two-day total was more than 1300-points. The bulls made some intraday attempts, but midday rallies were being sold. There were some signs of oversold exhaustion, but in this emotional environment, we can't really count on typical reactions. It will more likely be wild gyrations until either the bulls ...
  3. Sell Off!

    It was a bit of a bloodbath for stocks on Wednesday with the Dow suffering an 832-point loss and all indices closed at or near their lows. Large caps were hit a little harder than the Russell 2000 small cap index, probably because small caps had already been beaten down. The Nasdaq was hit the hardest losing over 4%. The market seems to be making price adjustments in this new higher yield environment.

  4. Choppy, yet quiet day

    Stocks were relatively flat yesterday despite a lot of choppy action. The Dow lost 56-points on the day after being up 40 on Monday. Together with Monday's action the TSP stock funds were down for the two days, while the F-fund (bonds) was up on Tuesday erasing Monday's losses in the bond ETFs and giving it a slight gain after yields dipped slightly.

  5. Holiday action was quite volatile

    Despite the holiday, the stock market was open yesterday and it was quite a ride, but because the TSP was closed we didn't get any price updates for the day. That means Tuesday's prices will incorporate the market action from both Monday and Tuesday. The returns in the table below are from Friday. Stocks were down sharply lower in the morning but bounced to close just slightly negative for the S&P and small caps, so the C and S-funds ...
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