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  1. TSP Talk: FAANG disappoints after the bell, reversing Thursday gains

    Stocks bounced back on Thursday after some strong economic data was released, but there was a late fade heading into the highly anticipated earnings reports after the bell. The Dow was down 230-points at the lows of the day, and up 370-points at the day's high, and ended somewhere in the middle at +139. The Nasdaq led on the upside, probably in anticipation of decent numbers from those FAANG stocks, but that turned into a mixed bag.

  2. TSP Talk: Another October surprise

    Stocks took another pummeling with the Dow dropping nearly 1000 points on the day, and 3% - 4% losses in many of the indices. There was very little attempt by the bulls to do any buying. The next week ahead of us is going to be packed full of news and events and the market could do anything, and that makes it tough to keep emotions out of trading. Normally buy low, sell high, is a winning mantra, but as we saw in March, low can get really low a times.

    Welcome back to the
  3. TSP Talk: Fears rise with COVID cases and investors aren't buying the dip yet

    Stocks were mixed on Tuesday, but predominantly lower if we take out the large tech Nasdaq stocks that did well. The Dow lost 222-points, or 0.80%, and was one of the laggards. The Nasdaq had a big day as FAANG stocks rallied in front of their Thursday earnings releases. Bond yields fell again sending bond prices higher. What's happening? COVID cases rising, no stimulus, and election nerves have taken over.

  4. TSP Talk: Election nerves and COVID concerns

    Stocks start the new week very similarly to how it started last week. The only difference may have been that last Monday the indices closed near their lows of the day where yesterday we actually did some some buying into the close, but it was a very negative day nonetheless. The S&P 500 lost 64-points, and last Monday it was -57. The Dow lost 650-points - more than 300 off the low of the day. Perhaps the good news from last week was that the sell off on Monday the 19th turned out to ...
  5. TSP Talk: Market stabilizes despite no stimulus deal in sight

    Stocks were mixed and choppy on Friday but by the close the bulls won the battle and made a positive reversal pattern in the process, creating a possible good set up for stocks early this week. No one seems overly excited to buy stocks right now, but that may be what keeps the market climbing the wall of worry, and there certainly is a lot of worrying out there. The Dow lost 28-points but most of the indices closed with solid gains.

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