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  1. TSP Talk: A little bounce back

    We got a little bounce back on Thursday after the three day pullback. There was a midday scare where it looked like the rally was going to fail, but the bulls did a good job of battling right back, although the close was a little iffy. The action didn't improve the charts all that much and we probably need to see more upside follow through in the coming days or the bears may have at it again. The Dow gained 434-points and the S&P also posted a gain over 1%, but the Nasdaq and small caps of ...
  2. TSP Talk: A little panic hits The Street

    TommyIV filling in for Tom today. Thanks for reading.

    Inflation concerns continue to drive investors to sell. Tuesday was more rotational selling but after the release of the Consumer Price Index numbers on Wednesday that selling became more broad and corrective in character. Consumer prices jumped higher this April from the previous April than by any other year length comparison since 2008. This report is validating the fears of the U.S.
  3. TSP Talk: An attempted positive reversal but more losses

    The rotational play continues as the back and forth in the indices continued yesterday compared to Monday's action as the Dow, which was barely negative on Monday, was the laggard on Tuesday with a 474-point loss. Meanwhile the heavily beaten down Nasdaq and smalls caps actually held up well yesterday. Bonds finally broke down and the dollar was down but relatively flat.

  4. TSP Talk: Late reaction to weak jobs report?

    The market came into Monday morning with a little hangover from the party it had on Thursday and Friday of last week. The Dow hung tough most of the day and was actually positive until about 3 minutes left in the trading day before it closed down a slight 35-points after being up over 300 near the open. The S&P 500 and Russell 2000 were actually positive at one point during the day before the floor opened up. The S&P lost 1%, which is a bad day but the Nasdaq and small caps each ...
  5. TSP Talk: Stock rally on weak jobs report?

    After a very disappointing jobs report, the market did something that may have surprised a lot of people - it rallied. And it rallied big. The Dow gained 229-points, and other than a partial fade from the Nasdaq, most of the indices held onto their morning gains and we saw new highs in several indices. Bonds closed flat after a strong open. The dollar tanked helping the I-fund, and the S-fund led with the threat of rate hikes easing.

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