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  1. TSP Talk Market Commentary 5/27/2020

    Stocks started the new holiday shortened week with a breakout above some key levels on the charts, but the close was a slight disappointment. The Dow gained 530-points, while small caps outperformed again. The Nasdaq was suspiciously weaker than the rest of the market, and bonds and gold were down as we might expect after a 500-point rally.

  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 5/26/2020

    Stocks were mixed but mostly higher on Friday, the lightest trading day since the pandemic sell-off started. It felt like holiday action, which tends to have a bullish bias, but last week's rally was a lot better than most positive holiday bias expectations. The Dow lost 9-points on the day but the broader indices did just fine.

  3. TSP Talk Market Commentary 5/22/2020

    Stocks opened slightly lower on Thursday and the bears were able to keep modest pressure on for most of the day, although the S&P was able to hold above its 200-day EMA yet again. The Dow lost 102-points while percentage-wise the broader indices lost about twice that. Small caps hung in there and actually posted a slight gain, while the F-fund is flirting with its all-time highs from March.

  4. TSP Talk Market Commentary 5/21/2020

    Stocks rallied back on Wednesday after Tuesday's late sell-off. The Dow gained back 369 of the 390-points it lost on Tuesday, while some of the broader indices tacked on gain enough to push them to multi-month highs. The indices are at the top of a trading range but we are starting to see some of the upside resistance breaking. Small caps led on the upside.

  5. TSP Talk Market Commentary 5/20/2020

    Stocks were doing just fine for most of the day yesterday and were hitting the highs of the day with about an hour to go in the trading day, when another Moderna headline reversed everything. The Dow ended the day down 391-points, the S&P lost 1%, the Nasdaq led with a modest loss, small caps lagged, and bonds were up.

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