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  1. TSP Talk - A choppy week ends with today's big inflation report

    It was another choppy day of trading but by the close the bulls won the battle and most indices closed in positive territory. Small caps led on the upside with a solid 0.72% gain while the C and I-fund were up just slightly. Bonds and the F-fund were up modestly as yields had a choppy day but closed on the downside.

  2. TSP Talk - Will the debate impact the stock market?

    The recent action has been so tough to gauge as investors go back and forth on whether there needs to be profit taking in big tech and small caps are now a good value, to sticking with what is working with the rich (stocks) getting richer and leaving the laggards alone. Yesterday gave us neither until that final half hour of trading. This back and forth is likely leading up to a big move, but what will come out on top? Bonds fell sharply yesterday as yields spiked, and big rally in the dollar ...
  3. TSP Talk - This or that, not both... yet

    The only consistency we are are seeing in the stock market recently is its inconsistency. We went from broad strength on Monday to narrow strength yesterday. Large cap techs were up yesterday, while the broader indices gave back Monday's gains. It's as if everyone is either piling into Nvidia and the like while everything else suffers, or they're selling Nvidia et al., and buying the smaller stuff. Yields were down pushing bonds up slightly.

  4. TSP Talk - Big tech tanks, small caps survive

    Stocks were mixed yesterday with a very distinct theme: If an index contained Nvidia, it was down. If not, it did well. Nvidia, now the 2nd largest company in the S&P 500, was down almost 7% yesterday and that took down the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. The Dow was up nicely and Nvidia is not part of it. Transports were up. Small caps did well but stalled and backed off near resistance. Yields and the dollar were down helping some sectors, especially the I-fund.

  5. TSP Talk - Can small caps survive a tech pullback?

    It was a quarterly expiration day on Friday and the action was fairly narrow but we saw something odd happen for a change - the small caps led. The Dow hung onto a small gain but the 3% decline in Nvidia helped keep the S&P 500 and Nasdaq in the red on the day, although maybe not as much as we might have expected since Nvidia has been almost single-handedly keeping those two indices afloat.

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