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  1. TSP Talk - Stocks remain resilient in front of today's inflationary reports

    A stronger than expected GDP and fewer jobless claims, combined with end of quarter window dressing and a positive holiday bias, and the stock market took it and ran and we got another rally. The Nasdaq was flat as the 2nd quarter leader may have seen some selling while the lagging, but still very positive for the quarter, Dow, S&P 500, and small caps had a much better day. The I-fund also lagged because the dollar jumped on the stronger economic data, and bonds were down sharply as yields ...
  2. TSP Talk - End of quarter window dressing, anyone?

    Stocks chopped around quite a bit on Wednesday as money managers jockey for position in what they call window dressing before the end of the quarter. The indices were mixed by the close but up sharply at times, and down at others, closing somewhere in the middle. The dollar rallied adding some pressure to the larger multi-national companies, as well as the I-fund's international stocks, while smalls caps led with a solid gain, which was interesting since regional banks were down again. Bonds ...
  3. TSP Talk - The bulls come to life, but is it a trap?

    Stocks opened higher after some strong economic data was released, and the bears basically stepped aside and let the bulls have their way. There was very little push back, which is a little surprising given the recent negative reversal days we've seen over the last week. But stocks don't go down everyday and perhaps this was just an oversold relief rally? That said, the larger trend has been positive and perhaps the bulls are taking over again. Small caps and the Transports had big days, while ...
  4. TSP Talk - The bears smother the bulls' attempt to rally

    The bulls came out swinging on Monday morning, pushing stocks up in early trading, but the bears showed that they are still around and started to sell that opening rally and eventually pushed the indices near their lows of the day at the close. Small caps and the I-fund eked out modest gains, but those small caps gave up most of their early gain of over 1%. Bonds were up as longer-term yields moved lower.

  5. TSP Talk - Post options expiration pullback - check

    The stock market took a much needed rest last week - a week with some historical bearishness, but now comes the end of June and into July where seasonality is no longer an issue. The Dow fell 219-points on Friday and the losses were broad across most indices and sectors. With the dollar rallying on Friday, and regional bank stocks falling sharply, the I-fund and S-funds lagged on the day, and for the week. Yields were down giving the F-fund a solid gain on the day.

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