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  1. TSP Talk: Flags giving mixed signals

    I did watch the morning action yesterday up until about the TSP deadline, but then I was on the road for 5+ hours. However I did see that the indices barely moved from the time I left my office at around noon until I got back online to check out the charts after the close. So it was a mixed, kind of quiet Tuesday after Monday's selloff. There was no rebound or bounce, but no tack on selling either and the charts are telling an interesting story of a market that may have an excuse to go either ...
  2. TSP Talk: Protests in China starting to impact the market

    The seasonality chart did its job yesterday as it suggested weakness on the Monday after a positive Thanksgiving week of trading. Of course the headlines helped the bears as China deals with massive protests over Covid restrictions, and the market is worried about the ramifications of that situation. The Dow lost almost 500-points with similar percentage losses in the broader indices. Small caps lagged, yields and were mostly flat, and the dollar was up. The latter helped put the pressure on ...
  3. TSP Talk: The bulls hang onto pre-holiday gains. Now what?

    Thanksgiving week was favorable for the bulls with respectable gains of 1.4% to 2.4% for the TSP stock indices, and even the F-fund (bonds) gained over 1%. The Dow gained 153-points in the short day of trading on Friday, while the other indices were mixed. The S&P 500 was flat, the Nasdaq lagged with a moderate loss, and the small caps and I-fund led the way with solid gains.

  4. TSP Talk: So far so good for bullish holiday bias

    Just a quick update today to post the returns from Wednesday after another nice rally for stocks during this holiday week. The Dow added 96-points and we saw larger percentage gains in the broader market indices. The I-fund led again after the dollar fell sharply on Wednesday. Bonds were up as yields also fell.

  5. TSP Talk: The pre-holiday action gets bullish

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday, and in typical holiday week fashion, the bears weren't really around to put any pressure on the rising prices. That could change today but yesterday the indices tacked on more than 1% almost across the board. One hiccup was the market leading Dow Transportation Index which closed well of its highs of the day, although it did hold onto a 0.27% gain. Bonds were up as yields and the dollar slipped lower.

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