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This and that about the market, the TSP, maybe some politics, and life.

  1. TSP Talk Market Commentary 03/31/2020

    Coming into this week, every Monday in March had been quite negative for stocks, so of course late on Friday there was a rush for the exits before the closing bell. So, Mr. Market did it again and went against the pattern and we got a big rally on Monday, although it was only about enough to take most of the indices back to Friday's highs before the sell-off. Still significant. That has set up some interesting patterns on the index charts. The Dow gained 691-points with gains over 3% for the ...
  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 03/30/2020

    Stocks opened lower on Friday, battled back all day to nearly erase those losses, but a late selling surge pushed the indices toward their lows by the close. Mondays have been so bad in March that traders may have been rushing for the exits to raise cash, because on the flip side, Tuesdays have actually been quite good this month. There's a clear pattern over the past several weeks.

  3. TSP Talk Market Commentary 03/27/2020

    Another rocket ship rally in a bear market. Fun, huh? I guess it depends which funds you are in. The Dow jumped 1352-points, and unlike Wednesday, this time it held the rally held onto the gains into the close and closed near the highs. End of month rebalancing, dead cat bounce, whatever you want to call it, that was a big day for stocks. Unfortunately the biggest rallies tend to come in bear markets and a lot of people are on the sidelines in cash or bonds when we get them, so they tend to ...
  4. TSP Talk Market Commentary 03/26/2020

    Nothing like a little politics to kill a rally. The Dow was up over 1300-points at its high yesterday before very late announcement that the stimulus package was being held up by a few senators. The Dow ended the day up an impressive 496-points, or +2.39%, but stocks went out with a thud with the Nasdaq actually closing in the red.

  5. TSP Talk Market Commentary 03/25/2020

    The market rallied vigorously on another Turnaround Tuesday. The Dow gained a record 2113-points, or 11.37%, which led the three major indices. We've seen these days before and they've turned out to be one hit wonders so far this month, so investors may be skeptical going into Wednesday. Bonds were up, and the dollar was down. There are some good signs, and maybe some bad, as we'll talk about below.

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