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  1. February Jobs Report +273,000

    Job growth smashes expectations for February as unemployment falls back to 3.5%

    The Labor Department reported Friday that the U.S. economy added 273,000 new jobs during the month, while the unemployment rate was 3.5%
  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 03/06/2020

    This is getting exhausting and the ups and downs are giving the market some exercise, while the mental strain is weighing on investors. The Dow lost nearly 1000-points yesterday as this week's wild back and forth continued. The bears didn't quite get back all of the gains from Wednesday's rally, and for the week the Dow is actually up 700-points, and it's more than 1400-points above last Friday's low, but with one day to go, that could certainly be in jeopardy in this environment.

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