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  1. TSP Talk: A great November for stocks comes to an end

    Stocks we up on Friday erasing Wednesday's losses in the S&P 500, and in the case of the Nasdaq and small caps, just additional gains and new highs. The Dow gained 38-points so it lagged some and did not get back all of its 174-point loss from Wednesday. Bonds were up as yields fell, and the dollar fell to a multi-year low helping the I-fund add to its monster month.

  2. TSP Talk: Over extended market meets positive seasonality

    Stocks were mixed on Wednesday with the Dow and S&P 500 posting modest losses while the Nasdaq and the smalls caps were both up on the day. The Dow ended the day down 174-points.

  3. TSP Talk: Are you afraid of heights?

    Another giant day for stocks on Tuesday as the froth on top of this November rally gets thicker. The melt-up continued as the Dow gained another 455-points, pushing the index above 30,000 for the first time ever. Looking at the intraday charts it looks like no one hit the sell button all day. Of course that's what sends stocks higher, but when it happens we see extremes in many indicators showing that things have gotten too hot, and any bad news would fill the vacuum being created on the downside. ...
  4. TSP Talk: Another Monday vaccine rally

    More vaccine hope triggers another Monday rally as we've come to expect each week. The problem is, both of the prior two Monday rallies turned out to be the high for the week for the S&P 500 so we'll see if that pattern keeps going. Small caps are a different story as they continue to plow higher through resistance and over extended indicators. The Dow led the large cap indices with a gain of over 1%, while the S&P and Nasdaq gained 0.56% and 0.22% respectively.

  5. TSP Talk: Late selling on Friday give mixed weekly results for TSP funds

    Stocks were struggling on Friday, holding near the flat line for much of the day until a late selling spurt was triggered in the final hour of the day. By the close the Dow lost 220-points, and the losses mostly consistent across many sectors, although once again the small caps S-fund managed to lead with a small gain on the day. The week ended with a modest loss for the S&P 500, while smalls caps shined gaining 3.5% on the week, and the I-fund added 1.3%.

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