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This and that about the market, the TSP, maybe some politics, and life.

  1. September has been good to stocks, but here comes R'october

    Stocks opened higher on Friday but more news on the China trade front sent the indices lower and by the close we saw moderate to sharp losses across the board. The Dow gave up 71-points, or just 0.26%, but the Nasdaq and the small caps each lost 1% on the day while the S&P 500 lost a half of a percent. Bonds were up modestly.

  2. Seasonality and politics keep pressure on the stock market

    Stocks were down on Thursday, and again a lot of it had to do with the hearings on Capitol Hill and impeachment talk, which Wall Street does not seem to like, but the losses have been fairly muted. Like on Wednesday, the initial selling led to some buying in the afternoon so the dip buyers are still lurking. The Dow lost 80-points with small caps taking a bigger hit, but this is late September heading into October, and this action seems about right.

  3. Sell the rumor, buy the news

    Stocks opened the day on Wednesday with more selling but they caught a bid about 30 minutes after the opening bell and we saw a steady rally for the rest of the day. The Dow gained 163-points, getting back all of Tuesday's gains, while most indices took back a smaller majority of those gains before all was said and done. Some positive comments about the China trade negotiations helped, and it was an impressive rally, but the charts are still vulnerable without some additional follow-through. ...
  4. Consumer Confidence and politics knock down stocks

    After a strong start, September is starting to show its true colors as a month that in generally not a good friend to stocks. The economic and political news headlines led the day and by the close we saw losses across the board, with many indices producing negative outside reversal days, which are not great signs for the short-term. The Dow lost 142-points, or 0.53%, but the Nasdaq and small caps took losses well over 1%.

  5. Flat - bulls and bears at a standstill

    Stocks were very flat on Monday but once again they traded in a fairly wide range considering the standstill. Yesterday the range was 2980 - 3000 on the S&P 500, which is closer to the lower end of that 2980 - 3020 range that we have been in for the last couple of weeks. The Dow gained 15-points and it was flat city in most major indices, although the Transports were down and continue to lag while clinging to support. The I-fund is also lagging with some recent strength in the dollar. ...
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