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  1. US and Mexico have reached a deal to avoid tariffs

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    Trump says the US and Mexico have reached a deal to avoid tariffs

    "...Trump said that Mexico in return has agreed to take “strong measures” to stop illegal migration from coming through the U.S. southern border. ..."
  2. May 2019 Jobs Report

    U.S. creates just 75,000 jobs in May and wage growth slows in warning sign for economy

    The U.S. created just 75,000 new jobs in May and employment gains earlier in the spring were scaled back, an ominous turn that points to a slowing economy and is likely to put more pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates.

  3. Relief continues with help from Mexican tariff talks

    Stocks were higher on Thursday with a surge coming in afternoon trading when there was speculation that there was some progress in the Mexican trade negotiations. Not all indices were treated equally, however. The large cap indices did well but the more economically sensitive small caps and Transportation indexes lagged noticeably. There was some late selling as investors prepared for today's May jobs report.

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