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  1. Modest rally, small caps lag

    Stocks attempted to rally on Thursday, and while we did see some modest gains in most of the indices, there was clearly no rush to get back in as the highs of the day were made in the first hour of trading. The Dow gained 43-points and we saw similar percentage gains in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, but small caps and the Transports could not hold onto early gains, and both balked near their old broken support lines.

  2. Stocks down but rebound at the 200-day Avg.

    Stocks were rattled again on Wednesday and without improvement later this week, the Dow, down another 221-points, would be looking at its 6th straight losing week. We did see some buying kick in just after noon ET after the S&P 500 broke below its 200-day EMA. The Dow was down over 400-points at the lows so it was a decent reversal, although it's not really a classic positive reversal day since we did close with big losses.

  3. Head and shoulders patterns all over - what next?

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday, but that post holiday morning rally was eventually sold, and the selling accelerated into the close. The Dow, up over 100 at one point, ended the day down 238-points. The Nasdaq held up a little better, losing just 0.39%, but it was a moderately bad day pretty much all the way around. Yields dumped again helping the F-fund rally, and the dollar was up putting a little extra pressure on the I-fund, but the timing of the selling in the U.S. spared it for a day. ...
  4. Stocks counting on critical support this week

    Stocks rallied at the open on Friday but there was some selling of that early strength and the rest of the day saw some tentative trading heading into the 3-day weekend. The action leading up to a long major holiday weekend can produce unpredictable trading days and often reverse the current trend. We didn't get a whole lot of that last week, but we are in a moderate down trend now and stocks were up on Friday. The Dow gained a healthy 95-points but that was about half of the morning's high point. ...
  5. Some breakdowns, but a strong close

    Stocks gapped down at the open on Thursday as investors get increasingly apprehensive about a trade deal. The indices did close well off the lows so the intraday volatile swings are still around, and the Dow, down 448-points at the low, closed the day down 286. We got the normal exaggerated move in the small caps, down 1.78% (the Russell 2000 was down 2%), as well as the Nasdaq and Transports which were both down about 1.6%.

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