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  1. New highs, but will Google spoil the party?

    Stocks trended higher most of the day on Monday before some late selling took the indices off their early afternoon highs. The final gains were muted and we saw a bit of a negative reversal, but it was more gains, none-the-less. The Dow closed up 11-points and small caps outperformed again, while the Transports continued to struggle. yes, the S&P 500 made a new high, but you can see there was some selling at those highs.

  2. New highs and a giddy Wall Street

    Stocks rallied on Friday after a slow start to the day. Intel's earnings disappointment created a mixed start because investors were also celebrating the better than expected 3.2% GDP number that we got before the opening bell. So, after some initial selling of stocks like Intel, Micron, UPS, and Facebook, the dip buyers shook it off and did their thing. The Dow ended the day up 81-points with the S&P 500 and small caps performing even better percentage-wise. Bonds were also up on the day ...
  3. Early selloff gets bought again

    Stocks were near flat at the open but quickly plummeted after 3M and UPS reported weak earnings reports. The Dow lost 135-points, or -0.51%, but that was well off the morning lows as investors bought up those lows. The S&P 500 was flat, the Nasdaq led on the upside, while small caps and the Transports struggled. The dollar was up and bonds were down slightly.

  4. Stocks Wed. pause after Tuesdays rally, but earnings help after hours

    Stocks sold off toward the end of the day on Tuesday to close modestly lower on the day. The Dow lost 59-points, or 0.22%, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both saw similar percentage losses. The I-fund was down sharply on a strong day for the dollar. Small caps held onto a slight gain while the Transports rallied sharply. Bonds also rallied.

  5. Market pop - are the bears capitulating?

    I was out of the office most of the day again yesterday and it looks like I missed a whopper. When I woke up just before the bell and checked the quotes (I'm in the pacific time zone right now so it was 6:15 AM) the futures were flat and it looked like we were on the way to another flat day. But buyers stepped up rather quickly and when I checked a couple of hours later I saw what had happened. The Dow gained a solid 0.55% but the broader indices, particularly the Nasdaq and small caps, really ...
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