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  1. Yields up, stocks up

    Bond yields were mostly higher yesterday, as were stocks. Thanks. Have a great weekend!

    That's all we need to know right
  2. Follow the yields

    Once again we're seeing wide trading ranges with the indices closing somewhere closer to the middle of the range, which is showing a lot of indecision from investors. Yesterday the Dow lost 32-points, but it was up 100 at one point, and down about 230 at the lows. And once again we saw stocks move higher during the last hour of trading, after the bond market had closed, although there was some selling in the final minutes.

  3. Yields stabilze, but still inverted

    Stocks opened sharply higher on Tuesday then faded off the morning highs, and if not for a spike higher at the ...
  4. Indecision

    Despite some tumultuous intraday action, the indices closed mostly flat on Monday following Friday's sharp sell-off. I'd give the bulls the nod since the bears took control early but could not keep the pressure on. The Dow gained 15-points while the the S&P and Nasdaq saw slight losses. The small caps fund led with a modest gain, and the Transports lagged again and fell below its March low.

  5. Inverted!

    After a rabble-rousing Fed fueled rally on Thursday, stocks reversed down on Friday following the first yield curve inversion in many years. The Dow lost 460-points and we saw losses from nearly 2% to over 3% in the case of the small caps. Bonds rallied sharply after the yield on the 10-year fell below 2.5% ...
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