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  1. Hong Kong bill could jeopardize bulls advantage today

    Stocks were up on Wednesday with the Dow gaining a modest 42-points, but we saw more robust gains from the broader indices like the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and small caps. The Transports however were down on the day, and the a rally in the dollar put a little pressure on the I-fund. Today could be a give-back day, as you'll see below, but the Friday after Thanksgiving has historically been another day for the bulls.

  2. Has the seasonality play come early, or can it continue?

    Stocks were up again on Tuesday so the early Thanksgiving week lull did not materialize. Does that mean the normally strong two days surrounding Thanksgiving won't be as good as "normal?" The Dow gained a modest 55-points and we saw a quarter percent gains in most of the indices on another quiet day - although decent volume, of trading. Typically a little sideways action would seem likely after the recent pop up, but it is not a typical couple of days coming ...
  3. Stocks pop, but recessionary winds still blowing

    Stocks gapped up on Monday morning, held on all day, and closed with some strong gains. The Dow gained a healthy 191-points, or 0.68%, but some of the broader indices like the Nasdaq, small caps, and the Transports grabbed some big gains. It was interesting to see bonds up as well since it felt like a "risk on" kind of day, and bonds tend to get sold on those days.
  4. Market negatives vs. positive seasonality

    Stocks rallied on Friday and repaired most of the losses from earlier in the week but the three TSP stock funds did end up with slight to modest losses for the week for the first time in over a month. The Dow gained 109-points after stocks survived a sharp early sell-off.

  5. Stocks pausing but will it get worse?

    Stocks opened lower on Thursday, then chopped around in a fairly tight range, but the bears really didn't seem to have their hearts into trying to take the market down, when it felt like the bulls were giving them the opportunity. Internally, the damage continues to look bad, but we're still near the all-time highs on the big three indices. The Dow lost 55-points, or 0.2%, which was about what the S&P and Nasdaq did. Small caps lagged and bonds took a day of rest ...
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