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This and that about the market, the TSP, maybe some politics, and life.

  1. Will this pattern play out again?

    Stocks opened higher on Monday but was a bit of a struggle after that initial morning rally, particularly for the small caps which ended down on the day. The Dow ended the day with a respectable 68-point gain, but the S&P nearly didn't make it back to positive territory after dipping into the red just before the close.

  2. Technical test for most index charts

    Stocks were mixed but mostly higher on Friday. The Nasdaq lagged with a small loss but all of the indices climbed back from the afternoon lows to rally into the close. The Dow gained a modest 92-points or 0.37%, while the S&P 500 added 0.17% making it a gain of over 2.5% for the week. ...
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