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Check out this blog for the TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups and the Sentiment Survey results.

The Weekly Wraps should be posted on Saturdays, and the Sentiment Survey results get posted by Monday morning.

  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    A second consecutive week of gains demonstrates the bull's resilience. The week began with a higher open but market's direction was not uniform day to day. The ongoing assessment of risk produced choppy action throughout the week; the S&P 500 even dropped sharply to negative territory early Thursday but quickly turned around into a rally that kept course for the rest of the week. Virus cases continue to add up in particular states threatening another economic shutdown. Investors are also beginning ...

    Updated 07-11-2020 at 02:23 PM by TommyIV

    TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Technical analysis is more psychological/sociological speculation on investors than an exact science of chart patterns. An index lets us (everybody) observe where others were willing to buy and sell in the past. Everybody wants a discount on what they think is the true value of stocks. The stock price at the end of the previous Friday and into Monday was a price buyers knew they could find a safe discounted entry. The highs Thursday morning was where sellers thought they could get their best price ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Headlines of a surge in virus outbreaks in a number of states sparked selling in the second half of the week pushing stocks into negative territory. Despite around 3% in losses for U.S. stocks this week, the market remains essentially on hold. After weeks of relentless upside indices now are jumping around in a sideways trading channel; the week just happened to end at the bottom of that range. The possibility of another economic lockdown keeps investors ready to take profits and get out of stocks. ...
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stock prices quickly climbed out of their hole and into gains after markets opened down this week. Following a pullback the previous week, buyers regained their confidence and dip buyers went back to work. Buyers did not pick themselves up; credit for their spark is given to the Federal Reserve's announcement that they will begin buying corporate bonds. Despite the nearly three month rally, the Fed's announcement sent a strong message that they will not let markets fall. Whatever the Feds motive ...
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks finally fell under the pressure of their own weight after nearly a month of unrelenting upside. Stocks slid at a single day loss not seen since March on Thursday. The aggressive selling came after digesting the FOMC meeting and possibly news reports of a second wave of covid-19. The Federal Reserve did not outwardly make any hawkish moves, in fact they figured they would keep interest rates near zero for another two years. What spooked investors was the tone from Jerome Powell that economy ...
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