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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks fell early in the week following poor economic data showing a slow down in China as well as a decline in the rate of global growth. The sell-off Tuesday made for choppy action mid-week as the indices weighed out where to turn next after the upside momentum in January. The consensus was to continue higher. Stocks opened higher Friday to erase most of the losses from Tuesday in large caps and to push small caps into positive territory for the week. The surge in stocks Friday was contributed ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks continued to be bought this week giving the indices their fourth consecutive week of gains. Four weeks ago it would have seemed foolish to think stocks could make the comeback they have from the December lows. The relentless upside action of January has seemed strange; top analyst have been warning of a pull-back since the beginning of the month. Recent warnings of any unexceptional earnings report being the trigger of a sell-off were dead wrong for the first week of earnings season. Instead ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks continued their climb in January in front of earnings season with small caps leading the way. Since the sell-off following the earnings warning from Apple to start the year, stocks have been bought and are slowly taking back the December losses. The concern is that the indices are now overbought ahead of earnings season leaving too high of expectations and setting up selling on any 'normal' earnings reports to come.

    The good news of this week has been that the dip buyers are ...

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    TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    A surge in stocks Friday put the indices into positive territory for the new year. The surge came after the worst two day start to a year since 2000. Apple reported a sales warning for the last quarter and put some blame on the China and U.S. trade quarrels. Apple investors were obviously not too happy with the warning and with Apple being such a big contributor to large cap indices, stocks fell sharply and traded poorly after to add fears that the turmoil of December was continuing into January. ...
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